Understand What's Next

The foundation of every successful innovation program is foresight. Understand trends and emerging technologies to make the right decisions and focus on the most relevant developments. That's why HYVE and innosabi have joined forces in this new consulting format. We want to combine the innovation expertise from HYVE with the data and capabilities of innosabi Insight to help you gain the best possible intel. To celebrate the start of this new collaboration, we offer a limited trial to experience this new format first-hand. Or as we like to call it: ``Test Drive``! Let us take you on this journey and see for yourself how the right exploration approach and AI-assisted data analytics can empower planning and decision-making in innovation.

The Test Drive

In our one-month trial, you will get access to the innosabi Insight tool, coaching from the HYVE experts, and a summarized report with all of the relevant findings. HYVE experts will take you on a guided scouting sprint to dive deeper into one specific question and derive potential actions. Our goal is to provide you with everything you need to better understand the future developments in your field and the technologies that impact them. The innovation experts from HYVE will guide you through the process of insight generation with the powerful innosabi database with Millions of patents, scientific articles, M&A activities, and corporate communications. Here’s how:

  1. Understanding the need
    HYVE provides you with the latest best-practice information on the advantages and power of systematic scouting processes in form of slides and/or video content
  2. Kicking off the test drive
    Presentation and walk-through of the tool setup.
    Selection of pre-defined pilot topics for further elaboration.
    Introduction to the scouting process with innosabi Insights.
  3. Executing the guided scouting sprint
    Development of custom trend radar (HYVE experts).
    Evaluation of trend radar together with your in-house experts.
  4. Providing final documentation

    Presentation of final results.
    Discussion of implications and next steps.

Let's get started!