Spot Trends and Opportunities for Innovation

innosabi Insight is an innovation market intelligence software to provide you with the latest trends, patents, startups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications in your field. Fully automated and continually updated.

The unique user experience makes large amounts of the data easily accessible and helps you predict emerging trends and competitors’ strategies. Turn scouting and your understanding of the market into a competitive advantage with advanced data aggregation and analytics – specifically built for innovation.

innosabi Insight Software - Market Intelligence Software

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Track the activities of your known competitors and identify new players entering the industry. Powered by machine learning, innosabi Insight can automatically generate and update the relevant profiles, networks, and competency mappings. Market Intelligence has never been easier.

Explore New Opportunities

Access 500+ data sources with a single platform and instantly anticipate the latest developments. Patents, scientific publications, R&D projects, clinical studies, and M&A activities are summarized and processed in a customizable dashboard.