Features for Innovation Project Management

innosabi Project is our solution to better manage your innovation projects through efficient project management. Our tool is fully customized to innovation management and its special needs.
Connect the right people at the right time to the right project. Get a clear overview thanks to our portfolio, kanban, project planning and tasks overview which will help you to easily monitor the progress of your projects.

Built for Innovation Project Management

Our Project Management Tool is perfectly designed to be integrated in your existing innovation management platform and to organize your innovation projects. Easily transform innovation ideas into projects and identify and contact colleagues or partners to get your innovation started.
Thanks to the different views you’ll be able to easily track and monitor the progress of your projects and ensure that resources are allocated depending on your needs.
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Invite your leaders and managers to participate in the evaluation process and collect feedback from colleagues to elevate the precision of your evaluations by including multiple perspectives from your team.
Employees can create their own profiles, including specific skills or backgrounds, helping you to find the right person to assign tasks and discuss projects
Expert view in innosabi Project
Thanks to Power BI you will be able to track the progress, growth, and results of your innovation projects with and intuitive dashboard and customizable analytics.
You’ll be able to explore the metrics of the overall knowledge base or dive into the details of projects and areas. The different, customizable dashboards will also help you to review budget and resource allocation.
Budget and Project overview in innosabi project

. . . and Many More Features

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