Find Emerging Startups and Turn Them into Valuable Partners

innosabi Startup is software specifically developed to support your Open Innovation strategy. Its features allow you and your innovation team to scout, review, follow up and strengthen your relationship with startups. It’s like a CRM system for all your contact points and deals with startups.

When established companies and their processes meet constantly evolving startups and their agile mindsets, things can become challenging to manage. innosabi Startup is specifically built to maintain and nurture the relationships with emerging players in this fast-paced environment.

innosabi Startup Software

Find What’s Relevant

Search for relevant startups and get all the important information at a glance. Contact information, financial data, product descriptions, technology fields, and press opinions are aggregated to give you the best possible overview.

Manage Your Deal-Flows

To benefit from your startup relationships, you have to go beyond loose contact and engage them in actual collaboration. The deal-flow interface of innosabi Startup allows you to assign tasks, evaluate startups, and monitor the progress within your innovation team.

Expand Your Network

Use external, sharable challenge links to send out to potential startups and invite them to submit their information and product information. Seamlessly evaluate and transition the applicants within your deal-flow pipeline.

Work with Your Team

A successful startup program requires close collaboration within your team. Stay informed on the progress of individual cooperations, share important updates, and assign tasks to colleagues to efficiently handle a large pipeline.