Features for Startup Collaboration

innosabi Startup is our solution to better organize, monitor, and expand your relationships with startups. It allows you to find and evaluate relevant startups with access to a database of over 700,000 companies and even more associated people. Combined with an extensive, customizable pipeline interface, it is the ideal tool to funnel startups from screening to actual collaboration or acquisition.

With its ready-to-go set of features, innosabi Startup is equally valuable for established open innovation or startup program managers and companies planning to build such initiatives. As it is specifically designed for collaboration and transparency, it works for any number of innovation managers. It’s like a CRM system for all your contact points and deals with startups!

Built for Your Needs

Finding promising startups and expanding your network has never been easier: smart search, summarized overviews, automated data aggregation, notifications, and many more features help you to find what you are looking for.
With just a few clicks, startups and all the relevant information on their offering can be added to your deal-flow pipeline or sent for further evaluation.
Organize, review, and follow up with your network of startups. To benefit from your relationships with emerging, disruptive companies, you must go beyond loose contact and engage them in actual collaboration with a clear goal.
The deal-flow interface of innosabi Startup allows you to assign tasks, evaluate startups, and track the various contact points within your innovation team. A KPI dashboard makes your impact and progress immediately visible.
innosabi Startup Features
Sometimes, searching for startups is not enough. Especially when they are at their earliest stages without any footprint in the relevant databases and business networks, finding them can be difficult.
That’s why we added the Challenge Link feature to innosabi Startup. It allows you to create dedicated, open submission channels that can be sent out and shared with a simple link. Startups who want to showcase their offering can fill out the necessary information and are immediately added to your deal-flow pipeline for further evaluation.
innosabi Startup Challenge links
Monitor and report your partnerships easily, thanks to powerful and searchable dashboards. innosabi Startup allows you to track the evolution of your portfolio, measure and follow your KPIs and share the data and results you need.
innosabi Startup Features

. . . and Many More Features

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