Get innovation done!

Starting your innovation journey is easy. To keep going and reach a successful outcome is the challenging part. That's why we always have some motivation and inspiration at hand! (...and of course the right tools and services to go along)

About Sticky Resolutions

If you’ve reached this place, you might have seen the URL on a colorful poster or sticker. Maybe the message resonated with you, maybe it made you curious, or maybe you just found it funny. In any case: it sparked your interest!

The Sticky Resolutions are our way of sharing our guiding principles and motivation with the world. Every day, we at innosabi try to empower our clients to be innovative and take full command of their future success. Whenever this gets challenging, it helps to have a little reminder hanging on your wall, sticking on your laptop, or peaking over from your colleague’s desk.

Of course, we offer a lot more than funny phrases and motivational quotes! We build the most advanced software for innovation to drive the development of future products, services, and solutions. If you want to learn more about us and our tools, feel free to sign up for a demo via the form or get some more info on our homepage.