The innosabi Software Suite

Covering Innovation End-to-End

Innovation is a process. It usually doesn’t happen at one specific point and isn’t created by a single person. It takes a lot of information, understanding, expertise, and creative ideas to make it happen. This diversity and complexity can’t be captured by one tool alone. It takes a refined set of specialized solutions that can tackle the specific steps of the innovation process – from beginning to end. That’s exactly what the innosabi portfolio does.
innosabi Suite

The innosabi Approach

Innovation and speed are more important than ever to keep up with your competition. You have to make the right decisions quicker and spot the relevant information earlier. We can make this possible by connecting your whole ecosystem and engaging it in your innovation efforts: innosabi is the digital foundation for your innovation ecosystem.

The innosabi Software Suite offers all the necessary tools to cover innovation end-to-end: It lets you spot relevant market developments or exciting new startups in your field. It allows you to engage your employees in innovation challenges and run co-creation projects with customers to get their feedback. It connects your network of trusted partners and suppliers to work collaboratively on new solutions. And it provides a place for all your technological knowledge and expertise to be shared and found whenever needed.

innosabi Insight

Access the latest patents, competitor intel, and publications in your field to know what is happening in the industry at a glance.

innosabi Idea

Use challenges and internal collaboration to leverage your employees’ ideas, knowledge, and expertise for innovation.

innosabi Community

Establish an online community for your customers and target group to get their feedback and suggestions for new products.

innosabi Partner

Collaborate with external experts and suppliers to incorporate their unique perspective in the innovation process and get marketable results quicker.

innosabi Startup

Find new startups and track your contact with them in this Startup-CRM tool specifically built for innovation.