Rodrigo Bravo Cortes

Frontend Developer

@innosabi seit 2020

Good to know

When Rodrigo was little (3 years old or so, and as how his mom describes), he managed to learn how to open the front door of the house… He was once found a couple of blocks away from the apartment due to his curiosity (almost gave his parents a heart attack of course).

Where do you come from and what do you associate with your home country?

I come from a town called Antofagasta, Chile. I would say that the best word to associate to Chile would be diversity. Of people, of landscapes, of food, etc. Definitely worth a visit :).

How would you explain to a little child what you are doing at innosabi?

I would tell him/her that we just have to put a whooooooole bunch of words into some files and that magically makes our program to actually work and look beautiful.

Which hobby do you start first when you retire?

Wine tasting hahaha and overall fitness, I would like to grow old in a good shape!

What do you do if you are not working at innosabi?

I enjoy playing guitar a lot, specifically playing the blues! Eric Clapton is kinda my role model when it comes to guitar technique. I also enjoy working out, going out with friend to a biergarten or so and of course binge eating :D!

For what did you often get into trouble as a child?

Being too much of a rebel, I remember some exemplary punishments xD.

If you could have a super power which one would it be?

I would absolutely love to be able to fly!! Just admire skylines and natural environments from above and without a plane.