Build a Place for Knowledge Sharing and Technical Expertise

innosabi Tech offers you a collaborative platform available to all employees in an organization to simply and effectively centralize and manage all the technological knowledge and best practices.

Within your company, many employees are interested in the technological knowledge essential to build tomorrow’s solutions and remain competitive. This knowledge is often scattered among many different IT tools and simply not formalized in the minds of your engineers, your operational staff, and your technicians. innosabi Tech solves this.

Visual: innosabi Tech Software

Collaborative Cataloguing of Knowledge

Track your R&D projects, deployed technologies, technological partners, internal and external experts to build a comprehensive knowledge base. Decentralize knowledge sharing through collaboration and the diffusion of valuable expertise more efficiently.

Knowledge Database and Portfolios

Efficiently manage your R&D project portfolio, Tech Transfer Process, and the technological assets implemented on your sites. Follow the evolution of your portfolio and measure your KPIs with statistics dashboards and various exports.