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Innovation is not always about the “next big thing” or game-changing ideas. It is also about sharing knowledge, cataloging learnings, and curating the expertise within your organization. No innovation program will have a lasting impact when its results and the acquired know-how are not used throughout the entire organization. This is what innosabi Tech can do for you.

Real knowledge sharing is more than just filing documents away on Sharepoint. And it’s not a one-directional flow of information. True knowledge sharing is collaborative. It’s strengthened through direct interactions, not elaborate databases.

Built for Your Needs

The knowledge to build tomorrow’s solutions and remain competitive is often scattered among various IT tools (Excel, Sharepoint, etc.) or simply loosely flowing around in the minds of your employees without any formalized channels to structure and share it.
The easy-to-use interface of innosabi Tech solves this by giving all employees a central point to search for available information and provide input wherever needed. It offers a simple and effective way to centralize and manage an organization’s knowledge: technical projects under development, successfully implemented solutions, best practices, failures to learn from, or expert feedback.
innosabi tech software central infrastructure
Keeping track of ongoing innovation projects and their results with innosabi Tech allows you to efficiently manage your innovation portfolio, technology assets, and implementation processes.
Backed up the integrated KPI dashboard, you have all the necessary information to monitor and improve your organization’s capabilities and innovation output. Of course, everything is readily available for export and use in your presentations and reports.
innosabi tech software innovation portfolio
Once all your technological projects are centralized in your platform, it might be time to put them forward and share them with the world.
Thanks to our Success Story module, promote your technological projects, communicate on your company’s R&D approach and if you are ready, look for new innovative partners!
innosabi Tech Features: Success Stories

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