innosabi Insight at Zambon

Acknowledging the ever-increasing importance of cutting-edge technologies and digitalization in the health care sector, the Zambon Group wants to improve patients’ lives and health through ambitious projects for growth based on innovation and development. Through their research venture, Zcube, they explore and sponsor innovative solutions for patient health. Hence, its General Manager and Board member, Fabrizio Conicella, is strongly involved in daily evaluating technologies and startups, looking for the game changer or the perfect piece of the puzzle. “In our work, we need updated information at a global scale”, explained Fabrizio. “It is not enough to read magazines, market reports, or patents. We need tools to get both real data and insights. That is the only solution to support our startups.”

There is no work with 202 projects submitted and 28 startups taking part in the acceleration program since 2016. Fabrizio and his team provide guidance and support to the startups through reports, landscapes, and market positioning to integrate into their business plans. “We cannot waste our time, and our reports have to provide powerful data visualizations, recommendations, and expert interpretations”.

That is where innosabi Insight comes in. With its introduction, Zcube has been able to get data from heterogeneous sources and speed up their activity by avoiding integration and normalization time. “On the same screen, you could have everything, the key opinion leaders, a list of startups, the main players, the trends… It helps to do mapping and qualify a field”, said Fabrizio. You have to do your homework before, not jump right away in the software because defining the query is important. “But to measure, benchmark, and understand if there is a market for the technology, innosabi Insight is the perfect tool, very easy-to-use”, added Fabrizio.

“That is an unmatched tool.” with four people using it 2 or 3 times a week, Orbit Innovation is perfectly integrated into Zcube’s workflow. The software has helped save time and subscriptions to other sources while not sacrificing in-depth analysis.