Innovation Consulting

We empower you to innovate.

We extract the secrets of emerging trends, we uncover your competitors’ strategies, we unveil the true potential of new technologies, we accelerate your R&D development, and we leverage the full potential of your innovation intelligence.

Innovation Consulting

Market Trends

Leverage technical information to anticipate the market and pinpoint weak signals, market shifts, and emerging solutions. We identify relevant mega and micro trends, interpret them, and reveal their potential.

Competitive Intelligence

Monitor the development of market players working on similar projects or entering your competitive space. We compare strategies, grade companies, and rank your organization to reveal your ways of improvement.

Startups Sourcing & Analysis

Obtain the profile of the latest startups in your field and be the first to seize these opportunities. We provide a full analysis to help you understand funding, offering, IP, business models, and disruptive technologies.

Technology & Competency Mapping

Develop a comprehensive, state-of-the-art technology analysis for a specific area of innovation using patent, NPL, and public data in cross-analysis with expert interviews. The mapping will help you correctly understand the latest trends, players, and your position.

Technology & Partner Scouting

Identify technologies, patents, companies, R&D partners, and experts to accelerate development and enable your company to attain or fortify the desired position and secure access to new markets.

Ideation & White Space Analysis

Generate and secure new ideas for technological applications by leading challenges and using design or problem-solving theories. We help our clients find and define new R&D directions.
Our consulting team joins your innovation project or transformation process to fully embrace your challenges. With unparalleled expertise at the intersection of business intelligence, market analytics, IP, and scientific knowledge, they are the missing link to align your innovation processes with your overall strategy and deliver actionable recommendations for a successful future.