Operational Support

We help you successfully implement and scale your innovation efforts or collaboration projects.

We can take over the critical roles at every stage of the process and train your team to become self-reliant innovation experts. With our services, we get you from “thinking about new ways to innovate” to actually doing it.

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Whether your business is in early-stage research, product development, or getting ready for commercialization, your innovations need the right intellectual property protection. We have developed a modularized, certificate-based IP program that will enable your innovation and technology experts to handle their ideas optimally.


A successful partnership with other companies or startups typically starts with identifying potential targets. Then, these players must be qualified, their offer validated, and their competition analyzed. We can support your team in screening the market, qualifying potential partners, organizing meetings, and facilitating cooperation.


Expert interviews are today a standard qualitative approach method in R&D and Innovation. Our consultants are experienced in conducting and analyzing interviews with experts and Key Opinion Leaders across fields and industries. With our proven methodology, we can support your team in identifying relevant experts, conducting the interviews, and synthesizing the results.


Technology scouting is a race against competition. Defining search fields, screening the market, spitting emerging technologies, evaluating their potential, matching new developments to your strategy, and identifying the key players is a continuous process. We can support your team from defining evaluation criteria to eventually negotiating and licensing new technologies.
In-depth collaboration across company boundaries can be the key to successful innovation and competitive advantage. To efficiently and quickly scale such collaboration efforts, our international team of experts can support your operations in various ways: identifying potential partners, engaging them in collaboration projects, conducting exploratory interviews, evaluating emerging technologies, and much more.