innosabi turned 10!*

*That’s 70 for dogs. Or at least 100 in software business years.

Yes, 10 years might not sound like a lot. But innosabi has been “growing up” in the most fast-paced, changing times there ever was. And we’ve seen a loooot. Back in 2010, when the innosabi GmbH was officially founded, a simple tablet was introduced as the next big thing. Watching movies and series via Netflix still felt like magic at the height of technological progress. Uber picked up its first passenger and with it a still ongoing debate about the gig-economy. The first picture was uploaded to Instagram (a dog, obviously). What we are trying to say: On paper, 10 years doesn’t look like much. But being a software company in these adventurous times, we have learned and experienced a lot. And some of the lessons are worth sharing.

Solving business needs is par for the course. Solving people’s needs is where you make a difference.

That’s why close relationships with our clients are so important to us. We want to really understand what’s going on in their organizations and how we can best help them with our tools and methods.


Name your company something that’s easy to remember but unique enough to stand out.

Yes, innosabi is made up of combining innovation with wasabi. Now that you know this little fact, you will probably never ever forget it.


Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace what’s next.

…also, who wants to remain the same, anyway? innosabi looks so much better today than it did 10 years ago.


Hold your own company to the highest standards. Great aspirations attract great talent.

Join us and see for yourself.

In a complex field, simplicity is key. Help your customers to focus on what’s important.

Especially when it comes to innovating, it is easy to get lost in planning, analysis, and evaluating different approaches. It happens to us too. That’s why we are always reminding ourselves that taking action is the priority. And we try to pass this on to our clients through the features and usability of our products.


As a startup, stay authentic when working with corporations.

Let your vision and solutions win them over, not your seriousness (or your put-on startup hipness). Yes, clients need to be convinced that you can deliver on your promises, and they expect you to be professionals. And sometimes, your drive and fresh ideas are what they are looking for. But these things should never be at the center of attention and something you artificially create. An emerging company should not be defined by its foosball table, after-work beer hangouts, or garden parties. Put your unique vision and personality into the spotlight.


Admit when you’re wrong.

Not just in an argument but also to yourself after making a decision that turns out to be a bad one. It’s the only way to learn from it and look ahead with a clear mind.


Write a book (or two). It’s as much about giving yourself a new understanding as it is for your readers.

It doesn’t have to be a proper book. Just formulate your ideas and strategies in any shape of long-form writing for a change. Your business brain needs a break from PowerPoint slides and relearns to spend quality time with your arguments.

Get yourself a copy!

Never underestimate the power of good coffee.

Since day 1, the espresso machine has always been the de facto center of our office. It’s a gathering place for informally meeting colleagues from other teams and striking up conversations in between your usual responsibilities. News and important information travel a lot faster if people can meet over a good cup of coffee. Whether you’re a team of four founders, a company of 45 people, or an organization with thousands of employees: there should always be the one spot where everyone can go to get the best coffee.


When in doubt, trust your gut feeling.

If a decision doesn’t feel right, there is usually a good reason for it, even though you might not be fully aware of it or can’t yet put a finger on it. It’s the same the other way around. If you’re excited about a next step or if an option simply feels better than the others, take it seriously and try to reflect on why that is. And the best part: your instinct will grow with all of your experiences.