Say hello to the new innosabi software suite

At the beginning of this year, we announced one of the biggest steps in our company history. We shared with you the exciting news of having joined forces with the French Questel Group, a leading provider for end-to-end intellectual property solutions.

True to our vision to provide our customers with an even more holistic approach to innovation, we are merging the product portfolios of both companies by having innosabi represent the innovation branch of Questel. 

New names, same promise 

Merging our two product offerings under the roof of innosabi allows us to combine two diverse portfolios into an even more holistic range of products. To this end, we have also decided to say goodbye to the previous product names.  

Of course, it is not easy for us to part with the names that have accompanied us for such a long time and represented our products. However, new product names are a good first step to reflect the unity of our combined portfolio. 

  • innosabi spark becomes innosabi Idea and keeps on making employees’ ideas, knowledge, and expertise accessible to find solutions and develop new products faster than ever before.
  • innosabi telescope becomes innosabi Community and continues to establish a dialog with customers to bring products to market that are perfectly tailored to the target group’s needs.
  • innosabi orbit becomes innosabi Partner and proceeds to open up access to a wide range of external knowledge, technologies, trends, and data to provide the best baseline for future decisions and developments.

More products, great possibilities

But new names for our products is not all that is changing. The innovation portfolio is expanded with three new products altogether. These products will widen the range of applications and provide our customers with end-to-end solutions throughout the entire innovation process, supporting them to develop innovation even more collaborative, efficient, and future-oriented.

  • innosabi Insight provides you with single-source access to the latest trends, patents, startups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications. With innosabi Insight, it is easy to stay informed about the industry’s latest developments and trends and secure competitiveness.
  • innosabi Startup is the tool for sourcing, reviewing, following up, and developing partners and innovative projects. Synergies with partners can be easily identified and suitable development strategies implemented.
  • innosabi Tech provides you with a collaborative platform to effectively centralize and manage technical knowledge scattered among the IT tools. A single point of contact is created for finding and developing the solutions of tomorrow.

The continuous development of our products is at the heart of everything we do. We are therefore all the more thrilled about the latest developments in our product portfolio. And we remain excited about all the joint steps we will take with the Questel Group in the future.