The Latest Features

One of innosabi’s central values ​​is the promise to continuously develop and optimize our software. The goal is to make the innosabi solutions a reflection of modern software development – in terms of an intuitive and fast user interface and an efficient and secure technical infrastructure.

Just like the business world of our customers, the innosabi software is therefore in a mode of constant change to take into account the dynamic requirements and realities. We regularly equip our platforms with new features and additional convenience functions, which we will present in more detail below.

Homepage Configurator

The tasks of a homepage change constantly with the requirements of the initiatives and projects that are currently being processed on the platform. In order to keep users up to date on the most important developments at all times, adapt the homepage to your ideas and wishes.
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Community Evaluation

Use the feedback from the community to develop projects in the right direction. The new evaluation feature makes it easier to identify and compare outstanding ideas by analyzing all submissions from the community based on several criteria.
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Innovation Assistant

Trust in our intelligent assistant to quickly guide the users of your platform to the right projects or the required sources of information. The intuitive structure of question and answer gives orientation immediately and brings your users to their destination easily.
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Global Search

Utilize the AI-assisted search capabilities to make large amounts of data manageable and to find existing data in your ecosystem: from ideas in innovation campaigns to current trends, patent data or content from external sources.
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Expert Map

Connect the experts and the knowledge in your ecosystem even more closely. Based on individual competency profiles and locations, relevant problem solvers can be quickly identified and integrated into relevant projects.
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File Sharing

It’s not easy to handle multiple software tools simultaneously. That’s why any kind of data from innosabi Insight can easily be connected with innosabi Startup and innosabi Tech in order to quickly feed platform users with relevant information about upcoming technologies or competitor strategies.
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User Statistics

Since collaboration and commitment play a crucial role in the success of innovation initiatives, an active community is an important factor for the instruments used in the projects. The new dashboard for innosabi Startup and innosabi Tech enables activities on the platform to be tracked using various indicators.
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Collaboration Network

innosabi Insight is the first real innovation intelligence solution that offers one-stop access to the latest trends, patents, start-ups, competitors, partners, technologies and publications – fully automatically and constantly updated. With the new graphical representation of the entire collaboration network, it is now even easier to keep track of things.
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It’s Demo Time!

We are happy to develop tailor-made solutions for the challenges in your company. Get to know all the features and possibilities of the innosabi software in a guided demo via screencast with one of our platform experts. Contact us!

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