Best Practices of Successful Employee Innovation

Here you will find examples of companies that have already successfully implemented innovation initiatives with their employees using innosabi software. Learn more about their challenges, which solution approach they have chosen, and how they benefit from the advantages of innosabi technology.

Customer Case Studies

Bayer AG – Connecting Internal Knowledge and Solutions

Bayer WeSolve is a Solution Scouting platform enabling employees to actively search for solutions and make their expertise available across departmental boundaries worldwide.


Daimler AG – Funding and Accelerating Employee Ideas

Daimler Digital Life Crowd Ideation is an Innovation Funding platform accelerating the financing and implementation of promising ideas through virtual crowdfunding.


Munich Airport – Digital and Smart Idea Management

The Munich Airport Innovation Pilot is a digital Idea Management platform aiming to improve the quality and quantity of submitted suggestions.


Siemens Quickstarter

The Award-Winning Platform for Innovation Funding

Siemens uses the possibilities of the innosabi software to drive initiatives from across the entire organization. As a holistic solution for better integration of employees in innovation projects, the Quickstarter Platform plays a central role in this process. Employees can get involved in all steps, from idea generation to budget allocation, and can thus assume more responsibility for the future of the company. The International Society awarded the Siemens Quickstarter the ISPIM Grand Prize 2018 for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) for this significant contribution to strengthening the innovative power and ownership culture.
Siemens Logo
«Siemens Quickstarter is about changing the company's culture, tearing down silos, and empowering employees to live ownership. If you submit a project and get funded, it's your responsibility to implement it. The innosabi software is the ideal tool to engage all employees of our organization on one efficient, digital platform for innovation funding.»
Dr. Christian Homma
Project Lead Quickstarter
Siemens AG

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