Why it works

Everyone tasked with innovation or new product development knows that great ideas for future products or services don’t appear out of nowhere. First, you need to thoroughly understand the technologies, trends, and markets which you want to target. You need to set a foundation that allows relevant ideas to emerge – and evolve in collaboration with others to include multiple perspectives.

This interplay of insight generation and ideation at earlier stages of the innovation process is crucial for the overall speed and quality of the final result. The better insights you have, the better your newly developed solutions and offerings will match the market’s needs. That’s why we our tools innosabi Insight and innosabi Idea work so well together! One to get you all the information you need on markets and competition; the other one to generate ideas and develop solutions with all your employees.

Since they work so well together, we are offering them as a bundle to give you everything you need to boost your innovation process. There’s only a  limited number, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and get the ball rolling!