Starting Innovation... the Right Way!


Where to start when getting started
One of the most common questions that companies ask us is ``Where should we start?``. Even though innovation is an important topic in most organizations, many are still at the beginning of implementing and aligning structured innovation processes or initiatives. While there is certainly no shortage of inspirational case studies and best practices from innovative leaders, they can't always be copied par for par in organizations with entirely different sizes, structures, challenges, cultures, or goals.

It’s absolutely critical to identify the approach that works for you! That’s easier said than done.

To help you shape the way innovation is done in your organization, we wrote down all the steps we usually go through when planning innovation programs together with our clients. Everything you need to know to get your company on the right track in one single guide.

What it’s all about

When starting or expanding corporate innovation, you will face a flood of potential strategies, methods, and tools. At innosabi, we rely on a five-step approach to identify and shape the best course of action. This whitepaper explains all these steps in detail to help you plan and build successful innovation programs. By understanding your challenges and potential solutions as facets of three general categories (better understanding, more ideas, or faster results), you will be able to target specific points of leverage. Maximize impact, get the quick wins, and create the necessary momentum to (re-)define your innovation process step by step.

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