Making Time for Innovation

The greatest threat to an organization’s innovative potential is a lack of speed. Suppose the innovation process is hindered by slow decision-making, lengthy review processes, or a lack of access to information. In that case, great ideas will eventually come to a halt – maybe even before they are formalized into projects.
That’s why innosabi Insight emphasizes speed. Setting up a custom dashboard to explore exactly the fields or technologies you are interested in takes 5 seconds. Building your custom report summaries is done in a few clicks. And everything that’s analyzed and compiled is visualized in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. We want to help you get innovation done. And that means saving time at the early stages of the process to have more time to turn ideas into reality. Check out this video to see for yourself.
Good to Know
innosabi Insight (formerly Orbit Insight) is now part of the innosabi Suite product portfolio.