Open Innovation Meets IP

At innosabi and our parent company Questel believe in a unified solution that covers all future-oriented topics inside an organization: From business intelligence to open innovation, from startup programs to idea workflows.
But, unlike many other solution providers in our field, we don’t see the process of innovation ending with a final product or offer. The critical things happen afterward: Managing and consolidating the intellectual property that comes it. Watch the video with our expert Benoit Chevalier to learn more about our unified approach for IP in innovation and see the synergies between our various tools.
Good to Know
innosabi Insight (formerly Orbit Innovation), innosabi Idea (formerly Orbit Idea), and innosabi Startup (formerly Orbit Partnering) are now part of the innosabi Suite product portfolio.


Benoit Chevalier

Benoit Chevalier

Subject Matter Expert

at Questel